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Ten Speed Hero Emblem Hoodie

Ten Speed Hero

Emblem Hoodie

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Ten Speed Hero Emblem Hoodie

All heroes need a shield when heading into battle. With our Tenspeed Hero shield the new, California Fleece-Lined Sweatshirt will protect you from the cold, bitter city streets, chilly lakeside evenings or wherever else your bicycle takes you. We’ve all had those rides where we plan on going somewhere but our legs don’t stop going, our feet don’t stop pedaling, and our bike takes us on a magic carpet ride. Day becomes night and all of a sudden there are stars. With the change from day to night also comes the drop in temperature. This shield lets you get lost and not regret it.

With the warmth necessary to go on, we heroes invite the night.

Option Manufacturer's Part Number Store SKU
Small TSH-HD-S CMTC00021001
Medium TSH-HD-M CMTC00021002
Large TSH-HD-L CMTC00021003
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