upCycle - Serviced & Certified by roll:

If there’s life in a bike, we believe it should be lived. So when you’re ready for a change, just bring in your existing bike and trade it in against your new one.

 Have a bike you’d like to upCycle?

We assess your bike to make sure it meets our criteria*, and make you an offer based on it’s Bicycle Blue Book trade in value. We give you a credit on the spot, for you to use towards your new bike. No waiting, no haggling, and none of the hassles of selling it yourself. It’s as simple as that.

*upCycle Trade-in Bike Criteria.

  • We welcome all brands of quality bikes available through Independent Bike Dealers.
  • We can accept bikes up to 5 model years old, with an original MSRP of over $650.
  • To ensure quality, we can only accept bikes from the original owner with proof of purchase.
  • The bike must be in good condition and full working order, with original or like parts.
  • If your bike is not, we’d be happy to provide an estimate for any parts or work to get it there.
  • Unfortunately we cannot offer any additional credit for upgraded parts or accessories.
  • We must see the bike in order to asses it’s value, so cannot provide credits over the phone,
  • The credit issued must be used towards the purchase of a new bike, or UpCycle bike.

 Interested in buying an upCycled bike?

Every UpCycle bike we sell is Serviced & Certified by roll:. Our upCycle bikes also enjoy all the same benefits of buying a new bike from roll:. And if you don’t love your new bike for any reason, you can exchange it within 30 days for a full credit of your purchase price against any other upCycle, or new bike we sell.

 upCycle Bikes Service and Certification

  • Each bike undergoes a rigorous safety inspection and service as part of its reconditioning.
  • We inspect and adjust all major systems including braking, drive train and wheels.
  • All contact points, tires and cables are inspected and replaced with new whenever necessary.
  • Each bike is thoroughly detailed, with all moving parts cleaned and lubricated as we go.
  • We include roll: perfect fit and lifetime free adjustments with every bike.

upCycle. No old bikes. Just new rides. Serviced & Certified by roll:

*An estimate is provided by and is not final until an in-store review*

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