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Ease, comfort and style are the defining characteristics of the roll:active lifestyle.

:active bikes. Designed for fun and fitness lifestyles and are perfect for the neighborhood, the bike path and the street.

:active wear. Clothing designed for the best combination of performance, comfort and personal style for life on and off the bike.

:active accessories. Add convenience, fun and a personal touch to any ride and allow you to care for and protect your investment. 


The optimal balance of performance, technology and value available

:sport bikes. The perfect equilibrium of performance, technology and value to create the optimal ride on the road or on the trail.

:sport wear. Technical riding gear designed for maximum performance while providing maximum comfort, for use everyday.

:sport accessories. Enhance performance and add to the experience, as well as help you to maintain and care for your bikes.

Fun times and active play are safely assured for every member of our family

:family bikes. Designed to grow with you and your family through every stage of development. 

Stage 1: The first styles of bicycles for toddlers and young kids walking age and up.

Stage 2: The first introduction to gears and hand brakes for accomplished young riders.

Stage 3: Neighborhood transportation and family trail riding for older kids and longer distances. 



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:get on your bikes! 





Prefer something custom made? We partner with Independent Fabrication, Vicious Cycles and
BMC on our Be:Spoke custom bike program. Call us for details. And click here to download our
Be:Spoke custom bike brochure. 



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