Felt Bicycles V100
Giant Escape 2
Giant Trance 3
Giant Cypress
Felt Bicycles V100 - 2016

Felt's V100 doesn't stop when the pavement does! Light, smooth, and… [more]

Giant Escape 2 - 2018

Transportation, fitness, and fun. Escape is all these things and more.… [more]

Giant Trance 3 - 2018

Trance doesn’t care where the trail goes. Up, down, all around, it always… [more]

Giant Cypress - 2018

Here’s an open invitation to ride. With its comfortable, relaxing ride,… [more]

Momentum iNeed Street Mid-Step
Lazer Sport P'Nut w/MIPS - Kids
Felt Bicycles Verza Speed 40
Giant Contend 3
Momentum iNeed Street Mid-Step - 2018

Mobility meets fun. The iNeed Street (Mid-Step) combines classic looks… [more]

Lazer Sport P'Nut w/MIPS - Kids

Comfortable design features and cool styling make Lazer's P'Nut a helmet… [more]

Felt Bicycles Verza Speed 40 - 2018

Its lightweight, durable aluminum frame, confident handling capabilities… [more]

Giant Contend 3 - 2018

Performance for all. Smooth, fast and fun. This versatile road bike blends… [more]

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